Multiple Automation Roles @ Biosero – US and Europe

Biosero is hiring for a ton of different roles in the lab automation space.

TL;DR on Biosero: We are the makers of Green Button Go Scheduler and Orchestrator, and we have a full-service integrations team that designs and builds automation solutions for labs using any devices they choose.

These roles are a good fit for:

  • People who want to work on solutions across many different labs
  • People want to supercharge their lab auto skills by working with many devices and tools every day
  • People who don’t mind business travel

Open roles:

  • Field Applications Scientist – Boston, MA
  • Field Applications Scientist – San Diego, CA and North America
  • Field Automation Engineer – West Coast
  • Senior Automation Engineer – San Diego, CA
  • Senior Field Automation Engineer – Boston, MA
  • Solutions Architect – Eastern US
  • Solutions Architect – UK/EU

See all the roles here: Careers | Biosero and let me know if you have any questions.