New Runtime Parameters in 7.3

I’m excited at the news of adding user interface for editing runtime parameters in 7.3.0. I think this will be a real benefit for dynamic protocols ran through the app as I know there are some very clunky workarounds people are using at the moment. Does anyone have any early experience beta testing this feature and any more info on how it’s implemented? Is it compatible with both flex and OT-2?
(I think more details will come from them in the webinar next week but I was just excited to see if anyone had more info as this has been on my wish list for some time!)

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This will be available in Python for both the Flex and OT-2. The Flex will allow you to use runtime parameters on the touchscreen while the OT-2 will only have the option through the run app.

Integer, float, Boolean, string will be supported, with .csv file handling coming later this year.

User will choose code the following:

  1. Display name- user friendly name shown on touch screen
  2. Variable name- reference within run context
  3. Default value
  4. Min/max (for integers and floats)

Excited about this one, way fewer .py files downloaded!!!


Thanks @MeghanFerzoco! That’s some really helpful information and great to know that csv file handling is in the pipeline too. Really excited to give this a go.

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