New to Tecan - Liquid subclass missing error


I’m new to Tecan and as I am writing scripts I am frequently coming across the following error:

“Liquid subclass for FCA 1 with “FCA DiTi 1000ul tips” of the pipetting liquid class ‘Water Free Multi’ missing.”

Has anyone come across this before? If, what is usually wrong when you get this error?


Hi Amanda,

This subclass for the ‘Water Free Multi’ default liquid class should exist, so you shouldn’t be seeing this context check error. If you’re just using this as a reference to the type of errors you see, the subclass doesn’t exist for the combination arm and tip type in the liquid class selected. For example, the MCA does not have any subclasses defined for the ‘Water Free Multi’ liquid class, so if you tried selecting ‘Water Free Multi’ in an Aspirate/Dispense command for the MCA, you would expect to see this error.

To see which subclasses are available, open your liquid class, select the arm type, followed by the tip type. If the tip type you are using is not in the drop down, that subclass does not currently exist, and you will get this context check error.


Thanks Eric! This helps a lot!