Opensource USB C industrial camera

Not directly related to bio automation, but nevertheless very interesting to the audience on this site I think!


We spent $1k on a nice ethernet camera and could have had several of these instead! Low-latency cameras for machine operation is standard-practice in some industrial automation applications like PCB quality control. Hope we see more of these in bioautomation!

…plus, imagine putting these with microscope objectives in an incubator. Live cell culture microscopy for <$10k! Saving your research org $200k on equipment is worth the time.

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Absolutely agreed, recording equipment is ultra valuable for automation.

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i really like these cameras:


LOVE Arducam, have my fair share of their cams

Neat! Would be even better there was super robust software support for 2D barcode reading from multiple angles. Anyone know if that is a thing? Have seen some commercial products that do it, but the DIY route does typically does save 10s of thousands of dollars…

Can you elaborate?

Multiple angles for what purpose?

Good question, I didn’t explain it very clearly. Basically, I’m thinking of the context of adding 2D barcode scanning capability to instruments that don’t already have it integrated. I’d essentially be adding the camera somewhere to the exterior of the instrument, probably on an fixed arm, so having a 2D barcode scanner (via a camera) that was high-resolution & robust to many different orientations / distances of the 2D barcodes, i.e. overall it was just more robust at scanning barcodes when they came into the field of view, would be a big help.