Opentrons Labware Position Check Issue

I’m having issues with calibrating labware on my Opentrons OT-2. I’m able to do all of the labware calibrations through the “Run Labware Position Check”, and then start the protocol on the instrument in order to save the calibration data. The issue that I’m running into is when I stop the protocol and cancel the run. It seems that the software is stuck in “Canceling Run” and won’t let me load new protocols in to calibrate additional labware. I have to restart the instrument to circumvent this, but then all of my calibration data is lost. Has anyone else run into this problem before, and if so how were you able to resolve this? Thanks!

What software version is your robot and app on?

Are you able to attach the most recent logs?

I know there were some cancelation issues at one point.

We’re on App Software Version 7.0.2 and Firmware Version v1.1.0-25e5cea. I can’t seem to attach files to this but if you provide an email for me to send the log files to I’ll be happy to do so. Thank you for looking into this!

I would update both the app and robot to the most recent version. I am pretty sure there were cancellation issues with 7.0.x.

There is an upload button with a photo icon that you should be able to use. The update should fix the issue, though!