OT2 Tip Collision when running Labware Position Check

Noticed a pretty annoying bug,
I have 2 x OT2 - 1 with Mag Bead module, 1 with Temp Control Module

Located on Site 6 of worktable
When running the Labware Position Check function, it would seem that the pipette channel ONLY moves to a Z height assigned to the tip waste (and not to Global Z height)

so when the pipettes traverse to Sites 3 & 6, the tip collides with the labware on the Mag Bead module or Temp Control module

i am using SW v6.3.1, robot FW v1.1.0-25e5cea

moving the modules to different sites isn’t really possible - i physically moved the modules during position checking,

any other advice Opentrons ??

We had a similar problem. See the official response from Opentrons here. For now, you basically need to know when to remove the offending module as needed during labware position check. You can get away with removing the aluminum adapter for the temp module, but you’ll likely need to move the magnetic module out of the way completely.

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Joe is correct. It’s an annoyance and something that’s ticketed in our system, but that’s the only workaround for now.


Our next software update (7.0.1) will be released in the next few weeks. In that update, we are making it so the OT-2 moves to the maximum vertical height during the LPC process. This should prevent any potential collision from happening.