Peristaltic pump on an OT-2?

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I’m finding I need to aspirate/dispense on the order of 5-50 mL on our Opentrons OT-2 (not well suited to multiple transfers using a P1000). Does anyone know an existing solution to this? i.e. a bulk-reagent-dispensor / aspirator addon for the Opentrons?

If there isn’t a pre-existing solution: Is duct taping a bit of peristaltic tubing to our existing OT-2 pipettes & then having a Raspberry Pi control via a peristaltic pump via HTTP API accessible API (Python API on OT-2 can call those), feel like the simplest way to do that?

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When I worked for PerkinElmer on Janus/MPII years ago, we developed a six-way valve option for large volume dispensing. It was RS232 serial communication. You can still found some information on it if searching on the internet.

I think Correlia bio built their own dispenser for the opentrons: Correlia Biosystems Uses Automation to Improve Immunoassay Efficiency


That’s one of the coolest products I’ve seen in a while

Indeed seems cool, but I guess people were referring to the “PIXI module?” . Indeed promising that it seems like it will be available to order at some point, but maybe not the right solution for my particular application - seems to be more focused on ELISAs in particular.

Have you seen this paper? There is a nice short video showing their setup.

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