Perkin Elmer Janus - clearing Application Assistant fields within the software

Does anyone know of a way of clearing the variable fields that the user initially enters at the start of the run on the Janus Application Assistant? When the run completes and one goes to start the next run, the variables last entered remain in the fields. We want to clear them to avoid any possibility of data from a prior run accidentally being left behind. I have located some .xml files that appear to store the values, but it appears to write the file as an output yet not use it as an input as to what it displays in these fields. Closing and restarting the software will clear the fields but I am looking for a means of clearing the fields after a run without having to restart the software.

Thank you,
Mike Mueller

Hi Mike,

For our Janus G3s, we tend to set the default values to “0” or False, depending on if it a numeric or a Boolean value, this can be done in the WinPrep software. Under Initial Query at the start of the protocol, on the variables tab there should be a button that says variables where you set default values and min and max for numerics.