Plating on agar and picking

Hi all,
does anyone have recommendations for a robot that can plate on agar, and perform picking and plating into a 96/384 destination plate (blue and white screening)?
We have a QPix 420, but I do not think the mol dev customer service is very good.
Does anyone on this forum use a different robot for the above tasks? If yes, how do you find the customer service? Thank you!

We also use a QPix and have had really good customer service with them - albeit we are in the Northeast USA. Are you outside of that region?

These look like a few other options you may consider - Laboratory Automated Colony Picker Systems Robot | Hudson Robotics and PIXL - Singer Instruments

Yes I am outside that region. Thank you for the recommendations.

What issues are you experiencing? Maybe you can describe them here and the forum can help somehow?

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For plating you can use any old liquid handler via a spot plating technique if your application allows it, picking is harder especially if you want to do it on the same machine but you may want to check out the Pickolo

U can use Hamilton as i used in past for both purposes.
Also u can work with Lab eye to solve this problem

Iā€™m sorry to hear that your QPix customer service isnā€™t very good. Have you considered using the I.DOT Non-Contact Dispenser for your plating needs? Perhaps a combination of the two devices could be a good compromised solution.

You could use a Tecan Fluent plus a Pickolo and PetriPlater from SciRobotics we have an active partnership

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