Positive Pressure Manifold - user experiences / feedback

Hi all,

Those of you who have experiences with using robot with integrated PPM:

  • What are your feedback of it?
  • Does it work eqaully well for 24, 48 and 96 positions plate?
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Yes we used on all these plates

Hello @Josefin ,
I see you posted this more than a month ago but am hoping you may find my reply useful.
I’ve used both negative and positive pressure manifolds. I’ve found few situations where negative pressure is better performing than positive pressure. The greatest advantage to positive pressure may be when you have a plate that is not entirely full of samples: Those wells that are empty release/reduce the pressure you an pull on other wells with negative pressure, but with positive pressure you don’t have that problem!
The cost is similar as well, at least for Hamilton systems, and integration is fairly easy.

I can’t speak to the 24 and 48 well plate formats for positive displacement systems. As you may know, with negative displacement the well format doesn’t matter.

I have used the Resolvex® A200 as stand-a-lone and integrated positive pressure manifolds for DNA prep, general filtration and protein concentration. It has a built in dispenser so you can add buffers in bulk to 96 well formats for wash cycles or purification protocols. It also allow a bunch of SP columns to the used on them for extraction or cleanup work for LCMS work.