Query regarding update venus software

Hi guys. Sorry to bother everyone but I recently encountered an issue with the Hamilton Venus software.
I am doing an internship in a lab which possess a Hamilton liquid handling robot. The venus 2 software run on a old win7 32bit computer and we are trying to virtualize it to maintain it. However, 32bit OS only support up to 4gb of ram which is causing some problems when we leave the computer on for weeks.
Now I get a venus 4 installation tool from this forum and is wondering whether it may be possible to move all the methods we created to a new computer (a win10 VM) with VENUS 4 installed? Or is there anything I should keep in mind before doing that?
Hope this is clear and I look forward to everyone’s responds.

Best regards,
Andy Sun.

Hi Andy,

Your system would need to be upgraded to firmware that is compatible with the newer version of VENUS. I recommend reaching out to your local sales team to assist with what you need. If you need help getting in contact with them, please send me a message.