Read Barcode Step on Vantage

Hello Everyone,

Just sharing some potentially valuable info with the community about the Read barcode step on Vantage running VoV. I always found that step very useful when you are taking plate out of the stacker for example and you need to scan their barcode. However, I just learned from @NickHealy_Hamilton that the Vantage does not execute this command by default. If you tried it now we have an answer.
See the error i was getting below.

However, by using the IDL tool library, it seems that we can achieve the same result on the Vantage. I will test it out in the coming weeks a let you guys know.
Thanks again @NickHealy_Hamilton for that great insight.


Quick update.
I was able to test the IDL tool lbrary and it works beautifully. The QCG picked the plate and scanned the barcode then returned the plate. Caution, if you have a system with more than 8 channels make sure update the code to use the most front channel. A great solution to the read barcode step on the Vantage.