Restrictions on Library Sharing

A client of mine wants to send me equipment libraries for Venus but doesn’t know if he is allowed to do that. I am not sharing the libraries with anyone and will only be using the libraries for a project with the client. Does this violate any license that might have come with the libraries?

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Hi Stefan,

There aren’t any licenses for VENUS libraries so you should be free to share as needed. I think the potential conflicts may arise if a library was made for a specific customer for their application - in such cases, one could argue the library belongs to the client along with their actual method. Generally speaking though, I recommend making and naming libraries, labware, etc. with the intent that they could be repurposed (so no specific references to a client, etc.).

The only other concern with sharing or distributing custom libraries is the support aspect. I alluded to this in the other thread - there are a lot of additional VENUS libraries, some of which are authored by our internal software team and others that were authored by the field team, customers, etc. For those libraries not authored by our internal development teams, there is just the caveat that each and every function may have been vetted. So, use at your own risk and be prepared that support may be limited.

I hope that answers your question! Let me know if not!



Thanks so much!

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Great response and this answers a lot of the same questions that folks seem to have.


@EricSindelar_Hamilton Just a comment about licences - it is often better to have a licence that none at all, you can’t always assume that you do have rights to share/modify code that has no licence. Not saying you need to go back and apply them to old code, but for future changes/libraries an open licence (MIT/GPL) could be useful to add.

Understood! I have relayed your feedback to product management. Thank you!