Return volume after method abort

Hello all!

Does anyone know a way how to return a volume back in a plate where the last aspirate is done if you abort the method? Usually the “main dialog” says - only drop tips. Reading manula I don’t really find it.

And one more question about the door. During running a method the door is closed and when you open it, the method immediately aborts. Is there a way to change this function for example for the “pause”?

Thanks for any help

Even if it was possible, it’s almost certainly a Bad IdeaTM to modify the default OnAbort instrument behavior - it’s a well worn predictable routine that minimizes opportunity for hardware collisions and is widely familiar to almost any Hamilton user…

Instead, a better option is to handle potential Abort inducing errors immediately and in the context which they occur.

In the Instrument Step: Select Error Settings in your Tip Pickup / Aspirate / Dispense / Tip Eject / Transport command

Define the behavior you would like to occur upon the various possible scenarios.

Some errors have potential recovery options like Empty tip into source and exclude the channel but channel exclusion is typically not a desirable outcome as far as sequence handling is concerned for the non-excluded channels.

Error Handling by the User steps

Error Handling by the User Help Documentation:


The HSLErrLib gives you access to error codes and descriptions in the Error Handler in an Error Handling by the User command if you want to provide an option for proceeding in different scenarios.

Some errors are going to be more or less unrecoverable in an error handler - typically any hardware error should be immediately sent to the STAR recovery Abort routine which is a reliable way to return the instrument to a collision free and tip-less state.

I would suggest getting familiar with error handling and recovery behavior with a test method. You can kick a method into the error handler during an Aspiration relatively easily …

  • Insufficient Liquid Error: Aspirate with LLD and Liquid Following enabled with a large volume that is more than available in a test plate.

  • Liquid Level Error: Aspirate with LLD enabled with an empty test plate.

Testing a few errors will give you an idea of what is returned by the HSLErrLib commands if you want to handle different errors with options such as “Return to source and continue” and “Abort Immediately”

I see. You’re explaining errors only connects to single steps. I don’t use them yet. Today I was looking through errors in Smart Steps and didn’t see the same.

Usually people at my job work with files such as .csv and .xls and for this task we use Smart Steps + Import Worklist. The reason why I asked this question is a human factor + some technical issues (defective tip, the well goes up with a tip… could de different).

In our lab we have different devices like Biomek i5\i7, Agilent Bravo, Tecan, LynX… and all of them have Manual Control how to return volume, just for two clicks. Hamilton is new for us and we try to figure out all its functionality. It happens hardly ever, but if it DID I just want to know the answer.