Second AI in Motion: Lab Automation 24hr Hardware Hack (June 22nd-23rd)

Hey everyone,

The Bay Area Lab Automators are happy to announce that the SECOND AI in Motion lab automation hardware will take place on June 22nd at Studio 45 in beautiful San Francisco, CA. This is a collaborative event with the broader SF Hardware Community ( @michaelraspuzzi , @Jascha) in the SF/Yay Area with broad support from DIY science spaces and folks in industry. The event coincides with SF Deep Tech Week!

AI in Motion Event Signup Link

The hackathon starts on Saturday and will realistically go until about midnight with some loose ends being completed on Sunday morning. The hackathon demo showcase is on Sunday June 23rd from 12-2 PST.

First, you DO NOT need to be a programmer, AI expert or leetcode for funsies. Anyone can join and contribute but more importantly just be open to being a team player and having fun in the process of exploration!

If you’re looking to branch out and expand your tool set, I highly recommend taking part in hackathons and at the very least attending the showcases.

Second, we are partnering with hardware groups to build demo’s on their platform. These include,

  1. Opentrons Flex (Yes you can actually use the Flex!)
  2. Opentron GenAI Tools
  3. Cephla automated microscopes
  4. Mass Melt’s tele-operational robot for plate handling

As a ramp up to the hackathon, @michaelraspuzzi has put together an invaluable set of documents for the broader community which you can find here.

We learned a lot from our first hackathon and we’re super thrilled to see what everyone builds this time around!


it’s been fun to collaborate with you @luisvillaautomata!

this is going to be a fun event with both the full weekend hack and the sunday showcase. looking forward to having members from the community join.

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