Sequence Count Vs Total


After a maddening dive into HSLExtenstions::Sequence library I came across the use of count vs max; where if they are concat’ing a sequence with used poistions they use the GetCount(); to set the end positions. However when they are concat’ing a full sequences together they use sequence.GetMax();

This indicates that count != max at times! Though I do not understand when that would be the case or what the difference is from the help

I have tried, incrementing and setting used positions but count does not change!

What is “count” vs max!


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I forgot that you have the option to set end position via the standard HSL sequence handling commands.

You can set end positions this way, for example here set end positions to 300, this did not delete the unused positions in a sequence! This is where count != max. Tend to use the HSLSeq lib and just delete positions that are not in use, so forgot this functionality existed!

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