Setting a v_offset or similar solution, for touch_tip within distribute function using OpentronsAPIV2 in python

Is there a way to set a “v_offset” within the “pipette.distribute()” function itself for touch tip.
I am using a PCR plate, and handling small volumes (2ul to 5 ul). And distributing from a 100ul volume into 4 different pcr plates.
I want a touch tip to occur after every dispense at the same location or at max 1-2 mm higher.
This is my code (and it runs):
source_column, # Source well from the column
[pcr_plate[idx].columns()[column][0].bottom(0.1) for idx in range(4)], # Destination well
it will move up before touching tip at the 0.1 bottom location. I think the touch_tip default is -1 mm from top, which causes any drops that haven’t released or are stuck on the edges of the tip, to splash around or stick to edges. Could be worse if the calibration is slightly off, and our mixture goes into other wells.

I know i can create a new function, and write an aspirate and dispense loop to approach the solution by using “pipette.touch_tip(v_offset = -10)” after each dispense. However, just wanted to know if there is an alternate solution within the distribute function.

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Hello @Mbud

If you want to modify the height of the touch_tip, you will need to use touch tip building block command as you mentioned. I generally prefer and recommend building block commands as they offer more flexibility. For example, if you use the separate touch tip command, you can also control the speed or radius of the touch tip.

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