Setting TADM mode at runtime

Has anybody figured out a way to set the TADM mode (i.e. Monitoring/Recording) during runtime.
I tracked down the Hamilton.HxStarConfig.dll, which looking at it with IlSpy seems to be able to do it, but without documentation it is hard to figure out.

@benjaminwohl - Unfortunately this cannot currently be done. The value for TADM monitoring mode is read and applied globally at the onset of the run. Even if you manipulated a way to change it at runtime, the change wouldn’t be regarded until the next run.

Being able to toggle this at runtime is planned for a future release, but I do not have details on timeline at the moment. I can update later on when there is more info.



Thank you Nick, at least then I don’t have to waste time on trying it out :smiley:

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No problem. I am eager for this feature as well!