Sias Centrifuge....add device?

Hello, New user here. We have a Star with the Sias centrifuge that we are trying to get up and running. We’ve had the install and the IQ/OQ on the machine performed by Hamilton and are just getting started on getting some methods up and running.
I was able to get the centrifuge library loaded and can control the centrifuge in my method (open, close, spin etc.) however I can’t seem to add it to the deck. The “add device” pulldown is blank and I can’t find anything in the labware files that seems relevant.
I was hoping someone could tell me what I am missing.

Just add a (96 well) plate to the deck with the coordinates of the parking position of the centrifuge. That should be enough to perform transports into and from the centrifuge
Hope that helps

Thanks Max,
I tried that and it worked great!

One thing to note is that (as far as I know) the plate type from the start position has to match the plate type at the end. For example, if you have a deep well plate and a PCR plate that get put onto the centrifuge, you’ll need to have both plates represented at the dropoff location and reference the appropriate sequence. Otherwise you’ll get a labware error when you try to move them.

Maybe there’s a clever workaround for it.

Hi all,

Sorry with the late reply, but I uploaded a labware definition with a 3D model for the Sias centrifuge here. The position will likely need to be re-taught/confirmed prior to performing any transfer steps given that this device is integrated into the deck, but at least it should be in the ballpark.


As Max indicated though, just adding and teaching a plate on the deck also works for device handoff positions.



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Thank you all for your replies and thank you Eric for the labware definition. It’s all set up now and working well.

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