Simple Transfer using CO-RE 96 Head from 96 plate to 384 (more then one copy)

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Could you help me to figure it out. In the manual (Software Programing) shows how to do just transfer from four 96 plate to one 384 using ML_Star steps (CO-RE 96 Aspirate and Despense) put it all in a loop, but what if I have more then one 384 plate and with different volume? For example: four 96 plate to three 384 plate ( 1 plate - 50 ul, 2 plate - 70 ul, 3 plate - 90ul)

I can do it olny using sinlge steps. Is there any other options?



you can make the aspirate/dispense volume be a variable that changes after each loop.


@chips-a-hoai nailed it. @Oleksandr This is the best way to do it, it makes it clean and you can separate each loop easily.

The steps would be as follows:

Loop (Vol1 in this loop)
Tip Pickup
Aspirate from source 96
Dispense into 384
Tip Eject

Repeat 2x more for Vol2 and Vol3.

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I think something like this would work:

The variables at the start can be dynamic and tucked in a user interface. A single method would hit any permutation of 96w plates and 384w plates you have the deck space for.

The sequence variables are set on the deck layout and would consist of something like:

seq_96w_src_plates = Plate1_src96, Plate2_src96, Plate3_src96…PlateN_src96 and so on
seq_384w_dest_plates = Plate1_dest384…

Two loops:
Outer loop runs over the 384w plate number.
Inner loop runs over the 96w plate number and handles the aspirations. The array created at the beginning is holding the volumes set to the loop counter of the 384w loop to get the volume.

Once the inner loop iterates through all the 96w plates, it will exit and increment the 384 sequence by 384 to get to the second 384w plate.

note: I didn’t bother trying to run this so there might be some funny issues. Did see that I have an array volume at 70 and use 50uL tips…

edit: also noticed that my 384 sequence incrementing is in the wrong spot :man_facepalming: how embarassing


Looks good, but I want to do it with one Tip Pick up for one quadrant.
Aspirate from source 96
Dispense into 384 - first quadrant
Aspirate from source 96
Dispense into 384 - quadrant
Aspirate from source 96
Dispense into 384 - quadrant
Tip Eject
and then others quadrants from next 96 plates

Just a quick update:

This should still be possible with a slightly adjusted version of my method up top with some minor edits/bug fixes.

(edit: sorry had the the wrong loop counter variable in there, should have been 4 instead of 3)

You’ll need to generate a specific 96 and 384 sequence for this in your layout (or build it dynamically).
The 96 sequence is pretty easy, it’s just all of your 96w plates. The 384 sequence in your case would be Plate1_Quadrant1, Plate2_Quadrant1,P3-Q1, P4-Q1, P1-Q2, P2-Q2… P4-Q4. You can select these with the 96 stamp tool pretty easily in the layout editor.

Overall it follows a similar logic but the loops were switched (inner = 384 and outer =96) and the tip pickup/dropoff were moved outside of that inner loop.

In order to accommodate a variable number of 384w plates, the 384w sequence has to be incremented to match for this. This is maxed out at 4 384w plates the way I’ve implemented it. I think you can just add 96 to the int_384_increment value for every additional 384w plate you have in your sequence and that would work, but I didn’t bother testing that. You could also do the calculations in HSL instead of with the assignment with calc steps.

One of many ways to approach the problem!

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