SLAS 2023 Greatest Hits!

Post your top 3-5 booths / talks

There is no way a single human could have seen literally everything, but together we can extract the most insight!

I’ll go first, no particular order! (Also should be stated that I’m coming from the R&D start-up world which may explain the bias in my list)

Hamilton VCMS
S-Run scheduler (I know its a wrapper for overlord but god damn it looked nice, it’s a web-app too!)
UK Robotics d2 Dispenser
Byonoy Plate reader (probably my favorite)

Overall what I loved were some of the companies that are starting to enter the scene with hyper affordable lab automation. This went from affordable schedulers, devices, and data solutions for the lab.


I wonder if the forum engine supports taking polls

The d2 dispenser and byonoy look excellent

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What did you like about Zontal?

I thought the price point and service was great to offer smaller starts ups wanting to get into lab of the future dashboards and data integration without having to hire the enormous cost of a SE team.


Should I make a poll for data tools and schedulers separately, or are these interchangeable


I would do Schedulers, ELN, and SaaS


The patent expired on the Kingfisher Flex magnetic rod technology, so for me it was the:

  1. Todaro Robotics MagBeadBot: Simple cost effective device that uses regular 96 non-skirted wells as tips.
  2. There are others, however, requires the use of specialized plastics, thus increasing cost.


For the Hamilton Vial Cap Management System (VCMS), we’re hosting a webinar in April for anyone interested in learning more about this new product. See below to register!

April 20 – VCMS & Other Hamilton Small Devices with Clint Riach


Yooo I was just saying I thought I didn’t see enough mag bead competition. Thanks for sharing @chips-a-hoai, BIG NEWS indeed :rofl:

Perkin Elmer has had there version out for a few years now:


Totally agree. I’ve used the Chemagic prior. I guess I was more impress with more affordable options.

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Then you might like this guy :slight_smile:


Hot damn you had these on deck Pete. Is your side hustle magnetic bead extraction :rofl: Thanks for the alternative recs!


Pete brought the receipts lol

Also speaks to how many options are available, it’s difficult to keep up.

10000% this, I think the forum is a good start for sharing information about different products but it’s not exactly the right form for organizing information. I made a pass at making an automation wiki for such things a few months ago but haven’t filled it out with much content.

I think if I revised the architecture/ design a little and promoted it more it could be really successful. There’s a really good alignment of stakeholder incentives, hardware companies would have an interest in providing information about themselves on the wiki. Users would have one place that lists, for instance, all the magbead purification equipment.

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I mean the wikipedia page is heavily lacking. Laboratory automation - Wikipedia. I wonder if we could hive mind this and flesh it out so the casual high schooler can start to learn about lab automation early.

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Can I just say that I like how Agilent’s big news was that they chopped up their Bravo deck so they could fit in an ODTC. Very creative Agilent…

To be fair, I’ll probably buy one.


Who do I contact for a quote on that?

Getting a quote from Agilent is a puzzle in itself. The main, strictly automation salesperson that I’ve worked with is Kenda Evans (she was at SLAS as well). But Agilent has split their sales teams up by the science you are doing. So if you want a Bravo for small molecule research you go to one sales person, if you want it for NGS prep you go to another sales person.

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