SOLVED: Jess Assay Plates

Hi Everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has worked with the proteinsimple (biotechne) Jess Automated Western Blot instrument and have been able to automate the assay plate loading? I anticipate potential issues since the plate has fairly small wells that are 25/row.

What issues are you anticipating?

Are you talking about the plate prep itself or loading into the instrument directly (or both)?

Analytik-jena had an app note on the plate prep for their liquid handler which I saw just after I read your post: Simple Western™ with Jess is even more simple with CyBio FeliX - Analytik Jena

Someone I used to work with also went through the motions of making the plate definition on an i7 but tabled the work that required the Jess before they started using it.

Can’t imagine there’d be a massive problem on any of the standard platforms for the plate prep.

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The plate appears to be SBS format so as long as OP creates a good lab definition, it should not be a problem.

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Sorry, to clarify, the potential issue I was thinking of was it being super slow to aliquot into if processing in rows. Flipping it over and doing it in columns would help with that. I was also thinking about whether the distance between wells mattered, but they look like they fan out like the 8-channels on Hamilton STARs, so that really shouldn’t be an issue.

If it’s not abundantly obvious, I’m a bit green with Tecans and don’t yet have the software/instrument to play with/test things on. :sob:

We automated this on Hamilton and it is working great for users. they have sper happy and we do not run in any problems.
let me know if I can help in any way