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Hi all,

We recently got a new second-handed Star instrument and are trying to set it up. The instrument did not come with a computer but we were able to set up the Venus 4 software that was provided in this forum. We would also like to install the Microlab STAR Service app (which appeared to be not part of the Venus 4 installation) but failed to copy it from our preexisting instrument to the new one. Does the STAR Service come in a different driver? I tried looking for said driver in the other computer but couldn’t find it unless I am missing something.

Any help appreciated, as always!

Search in program 86 hamitlon folder. it generally says service

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If you need to set up a PM schedule, I can recommend Copia.


I also recommend Copia!

Hi Kalpesh,

I did check the folder and there is no service folder anywhere. Nothing popped up even when I use the search engine. I believe there is another download link of Venus 4 somewhere in the forum that might have it, but I do not know if the Microlab STAR Service application is from another drive.

Hi Kastronaut,

I am not looking for a PM at the moment. What I am trying to do is install the Microlab STAR service application to be able to move individual parts of the instrument. When I download the Venus 4 installation from the forum, it appears to not install the STAR service app. I do not know if that application is on a different drive.

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This may be @NickHealy_Hamilton or @WilliamCham_Hamilton’s area of expertise.

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The service software is not a customer-facing application and is not something I can provide over the forum. Service software is not required to run VENUS.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for the clarification!