Suggestions for automated single channel reagent dispenser?

I’m looking for a device that can jet dispense aqueous reagents in the volume range of about 10-100 uL per dispense. Something that dispenses like a Thermo Multidrop or a BioTek Multiflo but not through a manifold. The goal is to mount the outlet/nozzle of the dispenser to an xy gantry. Any suggestions that people might have would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have seen this on SLAS and it looks pretty good:
Nanoliter Microplate Dispensing - UK Robotics

We have a Mantis:
MANTIS® - Microfluidic Liquid Dispenser - FORMULATRIX®
It is a lot more expensive but it is useful if you have a number of reagents and really care about low dead volume.
I dont know about the two products you show.


Could be worth looking at some of the Festo products: Dosing systems | Festo GB

They also have x/y gantries and have a modular approach so parts can be purchased depending on the application.

we looked at a cute one called Myra from bio molecular systems. The software could do with some work but the machine is nice

Thanks for the mention @MortenSkovsted !

Please get in contact @Roooo if you would like information on our D2 microplate dispenser. All our users love the simplicity and ease of use of the device and the software. We use valves from Gyger AG of Switzerland so you know you will achieve good accuracy&CVs together with long life and ability to clean the valves very thoroughly. Forgive me if this sounds too “sales” but I wanted to just give the facts for the OP… but got carried away :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

For stuff like this people also love to use Dragonfly’s but obv not mountable on an x/y arm. If you want something more flexible then Tecan has a lot of good OEM options.