TECAN Fluent Inspo Board

A slightly different kind of post…

The Tecan Fluent deck is highly modular, ergo there are essentially limitless configuration opportunities.

To navigate a limitless world, I created a Tecan Fluent Inspo board on FigJam .

May this help & inspire you with your design decisions.

If you want to contribute inspo material, let me know.


this is fun!

I really wanna see an inspo board with the most effective/efficient/optimal deck layouts for a particular process, so we can learn from existing deck design strategies built over months of iteration


That’s not a bad idea especially with larger work cells which can come in many more form factors.

Also interestingly once you see enough configurations, the more creative elements begin to pop out which leads to more systems that want to adopt those specific elements… and thus forever propelling our creativity forward.