Tecan Nest CAD file

I hoped to share this link to my design for a 3D printed Tecan Fluent nest. I use a Form3 SLA printer to produce these and the costs are far lower than buying replacement nests, which seem to occasionally break on us after heavy use. I’ve also shared a few designs on that account for standard laboratory media bottle tops with outlets, which couple well with reagent dispensers.

Best wishes from the iBioFAB team at the University of Illinois!


This is so cool, can I share this on social media (LinkedIn)?

Also having been exploring 3D printing a lot lately, I’ve found that CraftCloud has been decent and very cheap. How do you source your SLA parts?

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Thanks for sharing. The Fluent nests do break really easily.

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Please feel free to share anywhere! apologies for the slow reply, was traveling this week.


Also, regarding sourcing we use our own 3D printer: a form 3B. 1L resin cartridges can range from $150-300 depending on the properties you want. It costs a bit but is overall cheaper than buying replacement parts and we can design our own things for custom usage.

This is great. Thanks. We were only supplied with the 61mm nests, so I am looking at using these to give me more space to stack nested tips. Our Worktable is crowded and I need to get as many tips on deck and I can, especially if I have the BSL2 door closed.

Has anyone tried to print this in FDM printer? Are results accurate enough?

I want to try printing it this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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