The instrument extensions for this command is not installed. Install the needed extension on instrument or delete this step from method. (iSWAP module)

One of my collaborators is trying to run an iSWAP command in their method and receiving this error:

The instrument extensions for this command is not installed. Install the needed extension on instrument or delete this step from method. (iSWAP module)

They do have an iSWAP on their machine. What is the solution here?

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You have to enable it in the VENUS system configuration editor. If that doesn’t address the issue, then service may be needed to make sure it was properly installed and is communicating within the service software.


Also have them check to see if it initializes during startup.

If it does not move it may be on the system but not identified as “installed” in the onboard configuration.

Let us know how they make out!


I came across this exact error last week when working with an apps person from a company we are partnering with. Their method made use of the Autoload, which we have disabled on all of our systems. Re-enabling it in sysconfig editor did nothing…I would enable it, save, run the method, get the same error, then reopen the sysconfig editor to see “disabled” next to the Autoload! I had to go into the service software to fix it, as mentioned above by @EricSindelar_Hamilton (note: I am service-trained and wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re not).

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I have just installed VENUS onto my computer and have recently imported a method. Within the method it uses the iSWAP, but in the method each step that uses the iSWAP comes up as an error 1316, and is visualized as HSL code. I have already checked the system configuration and iSWAP is indeed on. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

This error is now seemingly works its way across multiple method imports. Where everything is on in my system configuration but it is showing as an error 1316 in the method editor.

@randob - Can you please upload one of the .pkg files to this link so I can take a look?

@randob - Also, a quick screenshot of the error/HSL code from your view of method editor would also be helpful.


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Hi @NickHealy_Hamilton Here is the screenshot with the error

I also uploaded one of my method packages to your link!

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I would like to also note because I have the newest version of Windows on my computer that we did have some installation issues as well and had to go back to install manually a lot of addons to ensure that we ran into no errors.

Also at one point two of these method packages did work and went through simulation mode. It wasn’t until I restarted my computer that this error has popped up. And we did indeed ensure that everything in the system configuration was on or checked etc.

@randob - Thanks for the additional info. Unfortunately, the new OS is the problem as VENUS has not yet been upgraded to function on Windows 11. That is scheduled for Q1 2023.

Even with the measures you took for manual installation of various components, their are still broken and missing elements of your VENUS installation, resulting in several of your ML_STAR steps not being recognized as member functions. For your personal VENUS installation, you will need to use a different PC or a VM that runs Windows 10.

Please hold off on upgrading any of the controlling PCs for your systems until Windows 11 is supported, otherwise your lab will incur downtime. Sorry for the headache.


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This is helpful information thank you. Do Venus 4/ Scheduler/ libraries etc. would work on this version of Windows Server? Our IT does not support Windows 10 Version of Windows Server.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

I am not sure if any version of Windows Server will properly run VENUS. VENUS 4 was tailored to run on Windows 7 and 10 desktop operating systems designed for operation of a single PC.

Unexpected behaviors and broken features that result from installation of VENUS 4 on operating systems outside those specified by the requirements of the software will be unable to be supported.

Is it possible for your IT department to obtain a license for a non-Windows Server Windows OS?

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Okay, I will have to look into it. Thank you

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have you activated the iSwap in the system config editor? it’s off by default.

Hi @NickHealy_Hamilton I now have a computer with the same version of Windows as my colleague and I am still receiving the same errors. What should be the next step? Why is the software still thinking that I have installations missing…

@randob - What version of Windows are you and your colleague running?

Were there any issues during installation of VENUS 4 (assuming 4 from your previous post)?

Hi Nick! This is @randob 's colleague here. We are running Windows 10 Version 20H2. Do you need the OS Build? And Yes, Venus 4, along with VoV and the Dynamic Scheduler 5.1.

This has been a very strange installation process; we both have never had issues like this before installing Venus 4. We just cant figure out why our system configuration editor shows our gripper/96 head as installed, but we are missing these steps when we import methods. Any additional help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

@UCantBcereus @randob - I messaged you both directly.

Once we find the resolution, I will post here for the rest of the forum!

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