Tip waste chute on EVO

This issue might be attributable to my lack of understanding of python’s inheritance patterns - but here it is:
How do I refer to the deck’s waste positions for dropping tips?

when I setup the deck, and run lh.summary() I get:

Rail     Resource                   Type                Coordinates (mm)
(1)  ├── wash_station               TecanWashStation    (087.500, -20.300, 000.000)
     │   ├── wash_clean_deep        Trash               (099.700, 086.400, 000.000)
     │   ├── wash_waste             Trash               (098.500, 160.400, 000.000)
     │   ├── wash_clean_shallow     Trash               (099.700, 261.400, 000.000)
(16) ├── grid_15_carrier            TecanPlateCarrier   (463.000, 053.700, 000.000)
     │   ├── plate_destination      TecanPlate          (482.900, 141.400, 062.500)
     │   ├── plate_source           TecanPlate          (482.900, 237.400, 062.500)
     │   ├── tip_rack               TecanTipRack        (483.100, 333.700, 057.200)

but trying to refer to it as below fails


Error message is something like this:
AttributeError: ‘TecanDeck’ object has no attribute ‘wash’

Is there a way to refer to the automatically created wash/waste station? Or do I have to remove it and add one back in?

The names you see in the layout summary are just resource names and not (necessarily) attributes of your deck.

You can get resources by name using lh.deck.get_resource. Some names accessible based on your summary: wash_station, wash_clean_deep (child of wash_station), grid_15_carrier, plate_destination, …

By default, lh.discard_tips calls deck.get_trash_area() to get the location for permanently discarding tips / throwing them out. deck.get_trash_area() returns a resource named "trash" on the deck (it’s implemented in deck.py). You bring to my awereness here that on Tecan decks, the trash actually has a different name. Could you please confirm that wash_waste is where you’d throw away disposable tips (DiTi in Tecan-jargon?)? Then I will rename this to "trash" so that you can use lh.discard_tips().

Thanks Rick - that’s really helpful.

The Diti waste I’m using is a “DiTi Waste station 6 Trough” - different from the PLR default. I am using an Air LiHa that doesn’t need the liquid waste positions.

I think the wash station is for liquid filled systems, and I don’t know which of those positions is the actual tip waste chute.

Can anyone else chime in on which Wash Station waste position is the tip chute?

this should be easy to see in an EVOware protocol I think, or no?