Transfer Labware Issue - Not Gripping After Drop Off

Hey everyone,

I have a custom device setup where the RGA moves below the deck and drops/picks up a labware at a centrifuge position. The RGA is able to transfer the plate to the correct location but when it’s asked to retrieve the plate, it moves all of the way to the labware but does not even attempt to grip the plate. Have you seen this issue?

For the record, Execute Single Vector works just fine but I was wondering if there’s a custom attribute on the device or labware that simply is missing for this grip to happen.


i had a similar issue when teaching a device below the deck close the maximum Z range of the RGA,

if you try to teach end point about 1" higher, then try - i had to move my device up a little to make it actually perform a grip action at end of vector

Dang that was my concern.

Do you know if raising the grip height in the labware helps (for example a higher Z offset)?

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Did that fix it. The software movable range has about a mm of safety range before the physical hardstop. But since you were able to move to that coordinate to drop the plate i don’t think the moveable range is limiting here.

Please make sure that the position of the labware on your centrifuge matches where the RGA is trying to grip. If you have 3D visualizer open for the step of placing the plate on the centrifuge, the plate should stay where the RGA put it, not jump to somewhere else - otherwise FluentControl will not even try to grip it.
You can also open the centrifuge carrier from the carriers menu without any worktable open. If defined correctly the lowest line of the RGA vector should read 0,0,0 (meaning no offset between logical position on the device and RGA grip position)

Hey Mathias,

Thanks for this input, I’ll try these changes when I have a moment. I see your remark about the final vector needing to be 0,0,0 and that makes a lot of sense so I am thinking of redoing the setup.

I’ll update when I get a chance.