Transporting 1000uL Tip Boxes to Waste


Just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully use the iSwap on a Vantage to transport used 1000uL tip boxes to the waste chute? Our waste chute is on the right side of the deck and the 1000uL tips live to the left of it. The sides of the waste bar are quite high, so wondering if this is even possible. Thanks!

Hi @partyparrot

Due to the large height of the 1mL tip boxes, they require special considerations and tools to facilitate on deck transport.

For VANTAGE, if you have a track gripper, this can be used to transport 1mL tip boxes. If not, then a deep grasp QCG (developed for the 1mL tip boxes) is required for transport. You will need to use a 45mm grip height.

Unfortunately, the IPG is not capable of gripping the 1mL tip box at a grip height which would result in the bottom of the tip box clearing traverse height.

If you require transport of 1mL tip boxes and need a deep grasp QCG, I recommend that you reach out to your local sales rep. Hope this helps!




Thanks for the response! This definitely helps. Does the deep grasp QCG still work normally to transport other labware? Do you also know if we were to grab a 1mL tip box using the deep grasp QCG, if it could lift it high enough to clear a carrier that may be between the tip box and the waste? Or does the area between the tip box and waste need to be clear for the QCG to waste the tips correctly?


In most cases yes, but there are exceptions.

For standard labware, as long as the required grip height is <= 18mm then there is no difference in usage between standard and deep grasp QCG. If the grip height is greater than 18mm, then there could be risk of collision between the QCG and surrounding labware.

For tall labware (eg 1mL tip boxes), additional spacing between carrier sites is required to allow clearance of either half of the QCG between neighboring labware (when required grip height is >18) - this eliminates the collision risk mentioned above. For these carriers, the max sites per carrier is 4 instead of 5.

If you already have a standard QCG, there is no reason why you couldn’t have both a standard and deep grasp QCG mounted to the deck. They are not mutually exclusive, and have unique labware definitions, so both can be used in the same method and different points. This will cover all of your bases.

Absolutely. At a 45mm grip height, the bottom of the tip box will be flush with the same Z height as the bottom of any other labware during a QCG movement. This value is always conserved, and ensures clearance of traverse height.




Hey Nick,

This was very helpful information – Thank you!
Last question, do you have an image of how both QCG’s look on the deck together? Does there need to be a special location for them both to fit?


This is how I set this up on a demo system:


If you have a universal waste chute, I would mount behind the chute (removed in this image for clarity) on the carrier stop bar. Sometimes this area is occupied by a liquid waste trough though, so some system configs may vary.

Outside of that, they can be mounted anywhere within channel access. There are also multiflex park positions available, for mounting on a carrier if that is preferred. If this option is of interest, then I would reach out to your local sales team for more information.



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