Understanding Echo Errors: MM0202006: Problem calc. eo fc

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this is my first posting here, hope to get some help. Please do not be to harsh on me for my limited understanding of the issue.

We repeatedly encounter this error: MM0202006. In principle this should mean that a problem during liquid transfer occured due to a too low volume in the source plate (as far as I understand it).
Now my question: Does this mean that physically the transfer was wrong or is it only an error in the calculation?

Thank you so much for your help!

The Echo usually outputs a log file for each transfer run. If there were issues with the transfer you will get an “Exceptions” report as well as a transfer report. The exceptions report includes a list of all failed transfers (Exceptions) and also lists the successful transfers in a separate section below the transfers. The error you listed, is usually found in this report, so I assume you are familiar with it.

If there is an exception listed for a well-to-well transfer, then that transfer failed (did not take place). I have never experienced a time when the calculation failed to detect sufficient volume and the transfer took place anyway. I suspect that there is logic in the software to prevent this.

Echo errors are sometimes hard to decipher. There are two errors that look similar to what you listed, one will indicate too little volume and the other indicates too much volume.

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Building on what DCurrier said, the exceptions report also has an “actual volume” column which shows how much was actually transferred by the machine, in some cases it can do some, but not all of the volume requested in which case it will be shown there.

Thank you @DCurrier and @JBagley for your quick response. This already really helps and gives a clearer picture.
@DCurrier : Actually, I am not familiar with these reports as I am only working “downstream” of the Echo liquid handling. My colleagues in another unit provide these snippets of the error reports in a database. Until now, I never encountered these errors, they just occured now in the database entries that I am looking at. Due to easter holiday, I appreaciate your halp very much! Now I know what I am supposed to look for!!! I will try to get these exception reports so that I can confirm if any transfer has happend.
Just a follow up:
I tried to find listing of all possible error types online. Are there any online ressources provided by beckman?

I don’t think Beckman provides documentation for errors on the Echo.

For each run, the Echo outputs several log files. It can output multiple formats of the logs. I think CSV is easiest to open and read. The default location is usually C:/Labcyte/Echo/Reports. It will save a transfer report listing all successful transfers, and if there were problems it will also save an exceptions report that contains the failed and successful transfers.

If you see “Problem calc. eo fc” it’s probably worth running a plate survey and verifying that the volume reported is within the acceptable range for the plate/solvent type. Also be sure to centrifuge the source plates before putting them in the Echo. I have also seen errors that indicate the Echo could not detect well H12 (or somewhere in the middle of the plate) and this usually indicates that you are using a plate/source insert combo that is not correct.

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Thanks for even more insights!
I will check with the colleagues if these plates have been centrifuged!

Really, thanks a lot!