Using PyLabRobot to simulate existing venus methods and return errors

Is it possible to simulate methods in a python environment rather than just using simulation mode in venus? I know Opentrons has such a feature in the command line. I am hoping PyVenus or PyHamilton or PyLabRobot have something similar for STARs.

Yes, PyLabRobot has a simulator that runs in the browser (locally). See this: Using the simulator — PyLabRobot documentation.

Fair warning: the simulator in the GH repo is slightly broken (probably still usable), because I have been refactoring stuff as I have been doing GUI work. I expect to fix this within a week.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Wonderful! Thank you so much

Hi, welcome!

PyHamilton talks directly to Venus so simulation mode works just like it would with a normal Venus method. If you run the template method that is spawned with pyhamilton-new-project from the command line after installing. Check out the instructions at GitHub - dgretton/pyhamilton: Python for Hamilton liquid handling robots for more details.