Vantage IDL Tools vs Firmware

Hello community,

I have been using the Vantage IDL tool for a while now and it is a really powerful library. I recently imported a method to a different vantage and i am getting an unknown firmware error when the channels are going to get the QCG (C0: Unknown firmware parameter)

. I have the same method on two other vantages that run this method flawlessly

. Does this mean that the firmware of this vantage is different than the firmware of the other two vantages (they all run the same version of VoV)? This particular unit has also been having issues with the QCG intermittently, now i am wondering if it is related to the firmware.
Question for my Hamilton team, are they known issues between the Vantage IDL tool library and the instrument firmware?

@Starrif2263 - I am not aware of any reasons why you would be having firmware compatibility issues with the IDL tools library. To further troubleshoot, we would need to review trace files from when the error(s) occurred. Could you please provide the following files:

  • Run trace from a run in which the error occurred.
  • The HxTcpIpBdzComm2023MMDD.trc file from the day the run occurred (only one of these logs are generated per 24hr period in which there is a connection to the VANTAGE). This file is in the same logfiles folder as run traces.

You can use the following link to upload the trace files. Thanks.

Edit: forgot to post the link

File upload


Thank Nick,
I have uploaded the file. Let me know what you find.

@Starrif2263 - Thanks for providing the communication trace (HxTcpBdxComm). It would be tremendously helpful if you could also provide the run trace file from the run in which the error occurred, as I need that to be able to properly interpret the communication trace.



Hi @NickHealy_Hamilton
I have uploaded two trace files, where the error occured. Hopefully that can help you reconstruct the issue.

@Starrif2263 - Thanks for the additional traces - I can confirm that this issue is not firmware related. The IDL tools library does indeed use some direct firmware commands, but those are strictly for the loading device and tray. The QCG commands the library uses for the present and scan function are normal VENUS single steps.

This system seems to sporadically have issues loading the QCG on the channels. Attempting to troubleshoot this nature of issue over the forum would take more time than necessary, as local support with eyes on the system will be able to resolve the issue much more quickly.

I would be happy to put you in touch if you would like!



Thank @NickHealy_Hamilton,

It would be great if you can bring up this issue internally. We have had Apps coming to look at it and not being able to resolve the issue so far. If you can explain to them what you see, may be that can be a starting point.