Vantage/Venus - open load port and use LED lights

Hi guys,

running a Vantage here with Venus 4. No autoloader/barcode reader.
Does anybody know what the command is like or how to open/close the loading port?
I can only open it when the device is turned off and close it the same way or during initializing. Instinct did offer a command to open/close the door but that probably was the only function working in Instinct so that does not really help.

Actually there was one more thing working with Instinct: LEDs. Does anybody know how to make use of the internal LEDs during a protocol run in Venus? This worked without input with Instinct but I struggle finding any command for this with Venus.

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Could you please direct message me your instrument serial number so I can check some configuration details?



Hi Nick,

would love to do so but I’m missing the PM function on your profile. Maybe this is because my account is brand new… I’ll contact staff. Feel free to hit me up with a PM yourself (I can see them) and I’ll respond with the serial.



edit ok, contacting staff would have been via PM as well. I’ll make a new thread for this somewhere else /edit

It’s just the lock/unlock command. Unlock will open the loading tray and lock will close it.

Hi BirdBare,

I tried that already and it did not work. It actually simply skipped that step and the protocol ran the same with and without this command.

I’ve never had an issue there so I apologize. It may be configuration issue causing the commands to not work.

For the lights you need the VOV_Lights library. Send me a message and I will share it with you :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I uploaded the VANTAGE library lights library to the file repository. It contains the following commands:


Thank you,


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Will the lights reset if the system encountered an error?

If you are using VENUS 5/VoV rev T, or VENUS 6 for VANTAGE, you have a configuration option to use default light settings for the pipettor LEDs. This will set the light colors automatically based on run status, including error.

The custom lights library Eric linked can be used set the lights programmatically. If you use custom light commands from this library in conjunction with default light settings, I believe your custom light setting will be overridden on error, or other run status changes.

If you leave default light settings off in system config editor, the lights will behave only as you program them to.



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Is there a way to keep both? e.g. Have a custom light, but when there is an error, have the error light (blinking red) and changes it back to custom light once the error has been resolved?

You can have both, but you’d just need to program in more custom light commands. You should be able to set the custom light command right after a step (load carrier, pipette, etc.) so if the step errors, it would turn red by default, but then when you continue it would execute the custom light command.

My recommendation though would be to use the default setting for VENUS 6. Save the custom lights for the demos for investors or during the holidays. :wink:


Thanks for that Eric. There should be another library that allows for even more control of the lights. I thought it was called VOV_Lights. Can you upload that as well?

Oh right, yes there is! Christian, our trainer at the Franklin, MA site authored the VOV_Lights method/library.

Yay thank you so much!

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