Venus Downloads for Dev Work New

Hiya. Interested in hearing if anyone has been able to secure a copy of Venus for development work without having an actual Hamilton. Would love to try and work on some independent features/libraries without the need to burden an employer with a request for resources. The previous links seemed to be failing lol.



There’s been one posted already, try searching “Venus Dev”

Edit: sorry I just read the whole message. Hopefully someone posts it

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the quick response. Yeah I was reading that forum earlier and just found the link provided by Eric no longer works. Hopefully someone could upload it.


Hi Andy,

I sent an updated link in the following thread:

@Stefan, it doesn’t look like I can edit some of the old posts with the broken link. I found a couple entries where it could be updated/corrected. Let me know if you can edit them as an admin.


Hi Eric,

Really appreciated that!

Best regards,

Andy Sun.

I fixed the old link