Venus Downloads for Dev Work

@Gareth Mine is set up with an M2 Macbook Pro

@chips-a-hoai I believe the Windows 11 version that I installed came with SQL server 2014 pre-loaded, or it was installed when I set up Venus initially, not sure which since I didn’t check before running the installer, but I didn’t need to install it manually. Sorry, I know that’s not super helpful. Might be M1 vs M2 thing (but I’d be kinda surprised).

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I’d also be very interested in a setup guide for SQL server which isn’t end of life!

Being able to install SQL server 2019 and have it work happily with Venus would be fantastic

Hi @SRP,

I tested out an install of SQL Server Express 2019 in my VMware VM and followed the guide we have written (I believe it was shared by Eric, and I was assuming that’s what is being referred to here) and I was able to install the software without issue and it seems to be communicating with VENUS without any problems. Is there anything in particular that needs improvement in the guide? I can’t speak to anything Linux or Mac related, but on Windows 10 it is working as intended. Please let me know if there’s a discrepancy.

I see 2019 has a lot of extra features. You will likely want to uncheck anything that wasn’t on the original guide, such as Machine Learning Services, Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search, Client Tools SDK, Client Tools Backwards Compatibility, and Client Tools Connectivity. I only left the 3 items the guide listed for my manual installation.


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This link no longer works FYI

Hi Stefan,

Here is an updated link.

Please do not re-post outside of this forum.

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Ok I will keep that in mind. Someone emailed me asking for the link, can I direct them here?

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Yes, that would be great!

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Use DBPlus ( sql clous version) for Venus. u dont need SQl on your computer.

Hi Kalpesh, could you please explain more? What do you use DBPlus for? What advantages does it have?

DBplus is a version which Hamilton sell. Where u dont need sql on your computer. You can use a cloud based sql server. So you dont have to worry about installing on computer. Specifically for Mac or VM.

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Ah I see, thanks Kalpesh.

@LukeWitt I just went through the process of getting VENUS 5 up and running on an M1 Mac in Parallels (Windows 11), so I wanted to add to what you’ve mentioned here since it was very helpful.

The main additional step I needed was to install SQL Server Express 2014 (I went with 32 bit because I read elsewhere that it might play nicer with Apple silicon, but 64 bit might work as well - I didn’t test). I installed SQL Server before installing VENUS, and then after following the guide you linked everything seems to work great.

I did have to install SQL Server manually (couldn’t just let VENUS do it) as the version of VENUS I was using would try to install SQL Server 2019, which would fail and crash the VENUS installer.


Ah thanks for the reminder, I had big time issues with SQL Server 2019 on the M1 so I installed an older version.

Also had the same issue for a personal project earlier this year so I just ended up hosting the SQL database on Azure which was much easier to maintain than I ever imagined. There’s a workaround for newer versions but I don’t want to spin up a Docker container for it.

Maybe it’s a good “learning Docker” project but eh.

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