View associated Liquid Classes in a Method?

We’re doing a review of the Liquid Classes in our methods and is there a way to see all the Liquid Classes used in a method? I know I can go line by line and write down the LC names, but there must be an easier way? :melting_face:

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!

@bowlineknot - Unfortunately this is currently a limitation, and there currently isn’t an application or automatic way to retrieve liquid classes from a method (outside of pkg export/import, but the logs don’t explicitly list the included liquid classes).

This limitation has been recognized however, as the ability to do exactly what you are asking has been requested as a feature for a future release. I can provide further comment when I have more information.

While the following isn’t a real solution (especially for existing methods), I have developed a habit over the years of naming all liquid classes used within a particular method or workflow with a conserved and unique method-specific prefix, which makes finding and exporting all liquid classes used for a particular method very easy in the liquid editor, when sorting by name. Additionally, I declare all variables whose value contains a liquid class name in a single location/section of code as task local or sometimes global variables, making them easy to find and organize within the method.

I will update when I have more information!


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Thanks for the info! Glad that its a feature requested in the new version!

Good info, something for me to look into for my next method!

I add my voice also as wanting this as a feature, it would be extremely useful, particularly for long/complex methods!