VWorks: Any way to programmatically reset a tip box to full

I have a standalone Bravo and the users run protocols using a form. Is there any way to add a button to the form that will reset the tip box state to a full tip box? There’s only one tip box on the deck of the Bravo and with the form you cannot directly edit tip states unless you open the protocol that you want to run and then go to edit tip states. I’d like to avoid having to expect the user to open a protocol, I’d like the form to be the only thing that they ever have to see.

I see there’s a folder in VWorks Workspace for Tip States with XML files, but they don’t seem to directly define tip states.

There is no way to reset the tip box state with auto tip tracking. For Genomics workflow that agilent kicks out for the stand alone bravo they deal with tip box state in javascript and this allows them to reset the tip box state (its actually not really the tip box state, but a JavaScript object that gets updated

Thanks Pete, makes sense. I guess it probably wouldn’t be all that difficult to track tip state with JS instead…

This is how its implemented in the VWorks form:

The protocols only deal with full colums of tips and as the protocol runs, the check boxes either automatically update.