WANTED: used hamilton carriers/stackers/parts, all cytomats, and agilent VSpin centrifuges

Please let me know if you are looking to sell these or similar items! We are willing to help you ship from around the globe.


Any interest in Liconics?

How much $$$ would convince you to part with your Liconic?

For some reason Liconic refrigerators/incubators sell for >$100k new & they are pretty unwilling to help out on basic repairs for used equipment. With that said, we’re learning how to fix them ourselves & are interested in Liconics both for parts as well as fully functional units.

Hey Ben,

Lets connect offline (bmeyer@aromyx.com, 509.432.6659)

That said, I just talked with Korey from Liconic on Friday and Aromyx has a plan to work together with Liconic USA so that the STX units we sell to another party would be covered by Liconic engineers. If Liconic is made aware of the transfer ahead of time, they appear super willing to support the incubators in the future.

Please give me a call and we can chat!

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