Ways to query if a networked PC has Hamilton Run Control open

Hello, I’m currently working on a Dashboard to track my departments usage of our Hamilton systems.

While I’m able to track run data through parsing of Trace Files. Users wanted a way to know if the Hamilton was in use in case they wanted to remote in to work on some method files.

Currently I see two paths forward:
1: setup a PC connection and run a windows utility to get an list of active processes and look for runcontrol.exe
2: Query the LogFiles folder at set intervals checking if the folder was modified within that time.

Issue with 1 is I cant run this if someone is already logged in locally

Issue with 2 is that this way will not capture two edge cases, (A) When a user sits on a dialog or load step during the interval (since trace file wont change during this time), (B) When a user loads up a method but doesn’t start right away.

I was wondering if there are any data streams or temp data files generated by RunControl while active or connected to the Hamilton itself. As currently I’m going the query LogFiles folder in intervals but this feels rather sloppy.

You may want to look at Venus 6 and the cool REST API stuff that was introduced.