Weird behaviour of Tip sequences

Hello there,
im currently stuck in a Problem with tip sequences.
For example: We have a 1000µL tip location with its sequence being managed by the system. Now when i place a new 1000µL tip labware somewhere on the deck, the labware gets automatically added to the existing 1000µL tip sequence. Is there any way to stop Venus from doing this? Im using Venus 4.6.

greetings Michael

Sadly new tips will still get added to the existing tip sequence.

Hi @MichaelSylvester_LXS ,

Certain labware such as tips will always create a managed tip sequence like are seeing. However if you want to create your own tip sequence and not use the managed sequence for all tip positions, you just need to create a new sequence and add the tips to it. This will also remove the positions from the managed tip sequence.


Thank you very much. This works. Problem solved :slight_smile: