Welcome to Lab Automation Forums

Hi everyone,

A ton of people have told us that the lab automation community needs a forum for sharing ideas, collaborating, and getting to know others in the same field, so we decided to create this website.

I have high hopes for this community. It seems like every aspect of lab automation is closed off from the outside world. Every company has their own set of practices, and there’s no common venue for spreading good ideas and getting help from others. We can change that right here! If you are an automation engineer you probably have a ton of wisdom you can share with the world about your experience in this field.

We are going to create new frameworks, we are going to develop best practices, we are going to settle age-old debates like “should I buy a Hamilton or a Tecan” and “what is the role of open-source in lab automation?”, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Thanks so much to Sam Mohler and Jon Bloom for telling me exactly what the community needed. Thanks as well to team member Rick Wierenga for the same and also knowing exactly how to make that happen.


We’re at a crossroads in terms of attention, funding, and opportunity. It feels like a good time to start sharing much more than ever before. Especially if you aren’t capital-constrained!


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