Well Offsets for Smart Commands

Do Well Offsets actually work for Smart Commands?

Furthermore, is there an internal loop counting command for Smart Commands like aspiratecount() for Variable Pipetting Loops?


NVM it works… it was just not able to generate proper transfer scripts in Sim.

Were the offsets actually useful? Could you iterate the offset multiplied by some sort of LOOP_X or counter or was it as boring as just applying the same constant offset to every “loop”? I guess at base level that would be useful for a well offset like what could be set in the platemap touchtools prompt.

It’s more akin to start at this well instead of at the first well.

The smart commands seem ideal for sequential workflows when you’re moving in a linear order → 1 sample at a time or 8 wells at a time. I suppose I could also set up some truly wild sequences with a loop counter but it’s unclear to me as to what the best approach is for that while keeping the simplicity of the smart command intact.

Furthermore, if I wanted that sort of granularity, I’d rather write out the loop/asp/disp command on my own or a worklist command

I am generally indifferent toward SMART commands except to the extent that they’re easy for others to follow and the reality is that we generally have to write code so that others can pick up the ball and dribble on their own.

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With that said, the ~temp script~ generated by the Smart Subroutines appears to often portray inaccurate information if you try to open the commands in real time or in simulation.