What approaches are you taking to automate Library Preps?

I am trying to find the best way to automate RNA library preps… I have experience with Hamilton Stars and would like to use them for this workflow, however we are very limited by space right now and cannot fit a STAR (maybe a STARlet or a Nimbus)… However, in. my search for an instrument that has small footprint, I found that the SPT Labtech Firefly would be a good option… my lab specially likes their user interface. But I would like to know what else is out there that people have been using and that can be easily programmed by the end user?

Have you thought about the Lynx?

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I’ve automated Library Prep on a Starlet before, great platform.

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I’m going to throw out the Microlab PREP for consideration! It’s a very small footprint (can fit into a lot of standard BSCs), and people use it for extractions, clean-ups, etc. I’m biased, since I sell it, but it’s a solid system, and it uses the same pipetting tech as the STARs : ) DM me if you want more info

Hi Amenchaca,

I know that quite a few RNA preps have been automated on firefly now, and they have just launched the firefly plus which has a thermocycler and tip hotel. I work there and know they would be very happy to have you for a demo of the machine.