When will Python 3.11 be supported?


Python 3.11 was released almost a year ago. Could someone from Opentrons provide some insight into when this version will be supported by Opentrons?

The main issue seems to be with the aionotify dependency, for which I created a 3.11 compatible fork back in January: GitHub - rickwierenga/aionotify: Simple, asyncio-based inotify library for Python.



Thanks for bringing this up and providing additional details on the ticket! We are aware of the bug, and it is ticketed in our internal system. I cannot commit to an exact date on when this will be resolved, but I will make sure the ticket is brought to the attention of our engineering and product teams.

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Have there been any updates on this?


@rickwierenga We do not have an exact timeline, but we are actively working on it. The implementation is taking a bit longer than expected. I appreciate your patience and understand this is a blocking issue for many people.

The PR to make aionotify 3.11-compatible was just merged: Upgrade python by rbarrois · Pull Request #23 · rbarrois/aionotify · GitHub

What’s the next thing I can do to help make OT 3.11 compatible?