Working with files


Could you please help me to work with worklist without Load and Match function?
I have files such as


It could be more than 1 dest plate or 1 source plate. I just rename them on the deck and that’s all. In general I just change the file and run the method.

Is there any options to do it that somebody of you can tell me with an example, please What comand I need, what to write… something like this…

Hi, have you looked at the File Open/Read and SeqAdd steps?

I have, but still don’t understand how it works…

Does this help? There are lots of different ways to approach this. To use a number instead of A1,B1,C1 etc as I have it, you’d probably need a previously made, static sequence and you don’t need the dynamic sequence stuff.


Sorry for delay. I will try to do asap, just one quastion. What if I have more then one S1? for Example 11 source and one DEST?

Well it’s just more of the same… If you have 11, then you could probably make use of arrays of sequences, and iterate over those, rather than individually dealing with specific sequences, but exact implementation is going to depend on what you want and what you have got. Have you gone to the Hamilton Training?

Ok then, I will try
Unfortunately not, that’s a little expensive for my Company