Zeus X1 Pipette Head Communication


I am trying to use Python with the Hamilton Zeus X1 Pipette head. I came across code by nicholasmorrow and was building off of this work. Unfortunately, I have had no luck in talking to the pipette head through the USB to CAN converter COM Box (P/N: 10140112/00) from Hamilton. Has anyone had success using python-can to communicate to the pipette head through the COM box?
I get a ‘Timeout waiting for kick response.’ error after trying the following steps.

  1. Confirmed hardware connection works by actuating the pipette head with the WinTUSXp program.
  2. Downloaded usb2can.dll from 8devices website
  3. Use ‘usb2can’ interface to initialize a python-can CANBus object.
  4. Create a ZeusModule object.

Any help would be appreciated.


(bit of a non-answer) is this mounted on a star or …? would it be an option to go through the main usb interface of the machine?

Thanks @rickwierenga unfortunately it is not mounted on a Star. The motivation to use Python is to control other peripherals, which the main usb interface does not have the flexibility for.

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