384 deepwell reservoir solution for the opentrons?

I’d like to be able to do mass compound screenings by transferring from a compound library into a 384 deepwell reservoir, diluting these compounds with media, and then transferring from this deepwell into 384 well plates. However; I’m running into tip dimension issues (as in, my tips wouldn’t be able to go all the way into the wells).

Does anybody have any advice/experience in this regard?


What reservoirs and tips are you currently using?

i had a similar circumstance for an Opentrons application I was developing; the 384 well deepwell requires a long, narrow tip which Opentrons doesn’t offer in their range
i found a better tip option (100 uL) which was narrower & a little shorter than std OT2 300 uL tip
it mounted successfully and could almost reach the bottom of the 384 plate (which was OK for application as I dispensed diluent first so needing to reach bottom wasn’t necessary)
email me daniel.leach@optimizeyourlab.com if you want more info

I have a large stock of opentrons tips I use for other applications, so I was trying to use those, but the p300s do not appear to fit, not would the p20s

I was thinking of using these reservoirs because ideally it’d be good to have about 200 uL (without dead volume) of liquid.