Adding lid to reservoir (FluentControl)

Has anyone had any issues with adding lids to reservoirs in fluentcontrol? Whenever I try to allow “Labware can have lid” I keep getting the error “Sequence contains no matching element”

Does anyone have any idea how I can accomplish this?

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Okay so I solved this already with a wacky workaround where I just duplicate a microplate and give it the dimensions of my reservoir. I’d still love to know if anybody knows the reason behind why I can’t allow my original reservoir definition to have a lid though from a pure curiosity standpoint

@Shinedalgarno - You can only stack a labware on top of another labware if the labware underneath has a Cover Site.

A Cover Site could be either visually seen as a bar over the left edge of the labware when you hover your mouse in that area it is shown in blue or it gets highlighted in green when you try to add an allowed labware by drag’n’drop

or if you open the Labware definition - Allowed Labware where you can specify which labware type can be placed on this labware → if it has a cover site there is column with the cover site name where you can check/uncheck labware types that should be allowed to stack on top


It looks like troughs don’t have such a cover site and a user cannot add cover site themselves, except when duplicating another labware that has a cover site and edit the labware definition from there.

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I define my reservoirs as deep wells

Thanks Snowball

Understood, so troughs just can’t have lids! Good to know. Would have been nice to have that in the error message :roll_eyes: :laughing: