APPSLIB::SequenceAdd not writing labware/position ID

Hi, I’m trying to interpret a worklist file to perform a normalization which chooses the best tip sizes for liquid handling. I’m currently running into an issue using SequenceAdd, where it will successfully add positions, but the labware and position IDs are blank when I trace them, and I get ‘no positions remaining in sequence’ when I try liquid handling. Has anyone run into a similar issue?


You need to reset the sequence after you add the positions using that step.
The steps adds the sequence positions in a consumed state.


Thanks, I was doing that but still getting the error. For some reason it started working after I switched from the AppsLib version to the SeqLib one…

That’s odd. I’m assuming you were using the reset step that was in the apps lib too? I’ve ran into an issue with the tools suite where i had to use the tools suite tip counter reset to properly reset a tip counter that was referenced with that library.